Any Nigerian (or non-Nigerian, for that matter) that is brave enough to sleep overnight in Port Harcourt (Garden City), and fanatically believes in the theory of “Unity in Heterogeneity”, the indivisibility of federations (especially Nigeria), and the principle of equitable sharing of the dividends of democracy and other goodies from their immediate environment, in the true spirit of Nigerian brotherhood.
He is not necessarily a citizen of Rivers State or even of Nigeria. Unlike his counterpart in Bayelsa State, the young “Riversman” is not a restive youth, even though he too lives in the Niger Delta.

A “Riversman” can also be a woman as the occasion demands.

When Riversman was born, the definition above was the only presence of “Riversman” on the net. We thought it was a fitting motto – “Unity in Hetereogenity” – and there it went.

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